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Accurately (as precise as 84%!) predict outcome of any match
Assist in growing your betting bank up to 4 times a season
Manage and track your favorite leagues easily – now with web update
Provide vital team statistics for easy match analysis
Provide historical data for advanced trend research
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Take a look at what our customers are saying about IntelliTipster (please note that since we treasure our customer’s privacy, no comments are published without explicitly stated agreement of the author):

“…IntelliTipster is surely the most amazing piece of software of its kind. I’m using it for almost a year already, and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who is developing it. New features are coming in constantly (web update feature, to name the most recent – it basically lets me save a whole lot of time on my league maintenance), forecating precision for Greek and other european football leagues is very nice, great job done! Keep it up!” – Dimitrios (Greece), October 11th, 2005

“…sports betting is my favourite leisure and IntelliTipster already helped me find quite a few good choices on football, basketball and hockey matches. Last weekend I went for a couple of soccer picks in the spanish and german leagues and was very pleased to find out all of them actually won. I should say that IntelliTipster really does an awfully good job, especially when it comes to away games, which are always especially tough to predict for any sports game. So I registered it lately, and now I’m looking forward to using it on a regular basis from now on. Thanks!” – Michael (Germany), February 27th, 2005

“…what an incredible software! It is simply ideal for me as an NBA fan, since it does support basketball – as opposed to other similar software that is aimed primarily on soccer. Another pleasant surprise was that leagues are downloadable for free, and wihich is even more important, these are updated often, so there’s no need for a user to do it manually, unless you decide to manage some custom league. But for me it works just perfect, thumbs up!” – Jeff (USA, Texas), January 5th, 2005

“…as a soccer fan and punter, I’ve been using other sports management and prediction tools for my needs, but something was always wrong – some of the utilities I used had clumsy outdated interface, others were in a lack of necessary features or were poor at match forecasting. So at one point I believed that I won’t find decent piece of software to satisfy my needs, but then I stumbled upon IntelliTipster on the internet. Although I was already quite sceptical, I still decided to give it a try – and it was worth it! What I like about IntelliTipster is that this is a modern piece of software, which evolves quickly, becoming more and more advanced! It’s straightforward to use, it has all the features I need, it produces nice and accurate match outcome forecasts, it just does everything it should. I’m very happy with it, thanks a lot! Please keep up the good work you’re doing here with IntelliTipster!” – Todd (Netherlands), December 14th, 2004

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